Causality and its Importance

‘To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ Sir Isaac Newton


Causality is the admission that you are the source of your manifestations i.e. that things do not just ‘happen’ to you or in your environment. In other words, everything that you attract into your world is coming at you because of something you are projecting out into that world – behaviour, an attitude – and you are therefore responsible for drawing to you all of your circumstances.

In other words, things don’t JUST HAPPEN.


By remaining an innocent victim of fate, you do not have to acknowledge that you are in any way responsible for what befalls you and you can ‘hide’ until the same or similar pattern repeats itself. And it will.

To recognise and accept the idea of CAUSALITY means that you accept that you have choice and, by taking thought and by taking action, by altering behaviours, you can change things for the better. You can work to break or release the pattern.

The Kelvin TOP-SET Incident Investigation System is founded on that belief.

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