Kelvin TOP-SET 1-Day Investigator Course


Enhance investigation and problem-solving skills; become an active member of investigation teams. Gain a thorough understanding of the TOP-SET system.

From £545 per person

Kelvin TOP-SET 3-Day Investigator Course

Lead Investigator

Prevent repeat incidents, solve problems, and unearth the real root causes of incidents; learn to fully utilise the TOP-SET system and lead investigations.

From £2,295 per person

Train the Trainer

Train others in the TOP-SET incident investigation and problem-solving methodology. A cost-effective means to achieving investigation consistency and organisational goals. 

From £1,790 per person*

*(plus licence)

Kelvin TOP-SET Refresher Course


Keep your incident investigation, problem-solving skills and knowledge up to date; essential for maintaining TOP-SET Lead Investigator certification.

From £695 per person

Kelvin TOP-SET LeadershipCourse

Awareness for Leadership Team

Overview of TOP-SET process and how it relates to your organisation. Oversight of reporting, root cause analysis, human factors and development and implementation of recommendations are all covered.

From £700 per person

Corporate Adoption

The ultimate introduction to the Kelvin TOP-SET methodology; designed to educate a core team of individuals to fully utilise the TOP-SET process and tools efficiently and effectively and to monitor investigation output. 

£ depending on requirements