Learn about the benefits of using the Kelvin TOP-SET incident investigation system by listening to what our tutors have to say.

Why Use TOP-SET?

The TOP-SET system helps users to investigate incidents thoroughly and to solve complex problems by following a simple step-by-step process. Users of the TOP-SET system gain confidence in their own investigative skills and become fully enabled to plan and conduct investigations, collect incident data in a methodical fashion and uncover the real root causes of any incident. The TOP-SET system works!


The Kelvin TOP-SET system is a straightforward and user-friendly incident investigation system which is suitable for use in the investigation of all levels and types of incidents – from minor, non-lost-time incidents such as slips, trips and falls to major catastrophic incidents such as oil spills and explosions.

The Kelvin TOP-SET system is much more than just Root Cause Analysis; it is a complete incident investigation methodology. Find out more about the Kelvin TOP-SET methodology.

Clients, Countries and Sectors

With over 30 years experience delivering and rolling out global investigation development programmes, Kelvin TOP-SET is a leading authority in the field of incident investigation. Find out more about the company.

Real Results

Discover how our clients are using TOP-SET and the results they have seen. Visit our testimonials section to read case studies detailing client experience of the TOP-SET system and learn how other organisations are benefitting from using this comprehensive incident investigation methodology.

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